Types of Abuse

Abuse is a systematic pattern of behaviors in a relationship that is used by one person to gain and or maintain power and control over another person.

  • Physical Abuse is any forceful or violent physical behavior that shows power and control over a person's physical body.
  • Emotional Abuse¬†includes hurting another person's feelings by making cruel, unfair comments or name-calling.
  • Psychological Abuse can include threats of harm to self or others, minimizing or denying the occurrence of an abuse incident, or affects on one's beliefs, perceptions, or understanding of the world around them.
  • Sexual Abuse is any non-consenting sexual act or behavior. Tactics may include physical contact, verbal exchanges, improper usage of technology, and pornography.
  • Verbal Abuse¬†is the use of language for power and control, including insults, put-downs, threats, etc.
  • Financial Abuse is preventing a person from having any control over finances, not allowing access to money, work, or education.
  • Technological Abuse is using the internet, computer, cell phones, email, chat rooms, etc. for power and control over another person.
  • Spiritual/Cultural Abuse includes using someones spirituality, belief systems, religion, ethnicity, race, background, practices, morals or values against them to gain power and control.