Programs & Services

  • The Christine Ann Center: Emergency Shelter / 24-Hour Helpline: Provides safe and temporary housing in a supportive environment; Helpline assists victims, concerned friends and family members with information on domestic violence.
  • Client Advocacy Services Program: Offers comprehensive support services to meet the often complex needs of victims including individual options advocacy, safety planning, support groups, legal advocacy and referrals to community resources for essential needs such as housing, financial assistance, child care, medical and mental health, parenting support, transitional living services, and employment and training programs.
  • Children and Teen Programs: Focuses on child victims and witnesses of abuse as well as teens that are in or were in abusive dating relationships.
  • Community Education and Prevention: Provides proactive education and outreach to schools, workplaces, faith communities and service groups in order to end the generational cycle of violence and reduce future incidences of domestic violence.
  • Rural Outreach: Green Lake County Program:Addresses the needs of rural victims who face unique barriers to leaving an abusive situation.
  • Standing Strong: Self-sufficiency program for survivors of domestic violence.