Community Education and Prevention

Christine Ann's Community Education and Prevention Program is vital to the agency's mission to prevent domestic violence and abuse and intervene and advocate on behalf of victims. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of domestic violence while challenging belief systems and to end the cycle of violence and reduce future incidences of domestic violence in the community.

An important component of domestic abuse advocacy is public awareness - not only awareness of the issue and its complexities, but of program services. An understanding of the issue is important in creating a safe and caring response from the community and to increase access to services for victims. In order to reach the community, the program offers presentations to a variety of groups including community organizations, faith affiliates, businesses and workplaces.

The Prevention program reaches students in grades K-12 within the school systems, including summer programming. These presentations teach students how to identify the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to recognize warning signs of abuse, and how to help a friend. The program also focuses on healthy ways to handle conflict and anger while addressing a variety of bullying-related issues.