The Pictures

Construction Progress as of August, 2012

It's definitely still a work in-progress, but it's full of hope and dreams are becoming reality.

Shelter in construction, August, 2013The front of the house - August, 2013.

Client meeting roomThe client meeting room is complete and already serving those who need our services.

Advocates' officeThe advocates' office is complete.

Sprinkler systemSafety is always a priority for Christine Ann. Our re-construction includes a modern fire-suppression sprinkler system.

Living room - under constructionThe living room for sheltered clients is still under construction.

Elevator shaftThe newly-built elevator shaft is ready for the elevator that will make the second floor of this old house fully accessible to the disabled for the first time ever.

Stairwell - in constructionIn the meantime, the partially-finished stairwell gets staff and construction workers up to the second floor of the shelter area.

September 2013

Entrance to new lobbyThe new entrance into the lobby from the elevator shaft.


New KitchenThe Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Service's kitchen is complete.

Kitchen eating areaOur eating area in the new kitchen will offer more room for our families.