Helping Christine Ann

Our goal is to help keep families in our community safe, and it is with the help of our very own community that we can make this happen. 

Cintas employees cleaning

Volunteer Opportunities

It takes a TON of work to keep our shelter tidy and cozy. Do you LOVE to organize? Want to offer a class on jewelry making, belly dancing, cooking...? Need a team building outing? We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, contact us at or call (920) 235-5998.

Areas to Volunteer:

  • Children's Program - from individual and group art projects to respite
  • Shelter organization - it's a big space!
  • Grounds Upkeep/Maintenance - don't you just love the smell of fresh cut lawn?
  • Group Projects - what an awesome way to band together and do something great in our community!
  • Internships/Work Study
  • Special Events - we are always looking for volunteers for Men Who Cook and Race for the Lights
  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing

Download a complete listing of volunteer opportunities. (PDF) 

Fill out our volunteer application online using this link: 


Download our volunteer application (PDF)

Donating to Christine Ann

Financial gifts:

Gifts to Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. can be made at any time with your credit card. Your payment will be securely processed by PalPal (PayPal account not required).

Donating items to Christine Ann

Thank you!  As a non-profit organization, we rely solely on the generous contributions from the community to support our shelter and outreach programs.

As a reminder, we cannot accept used clothing. However; we have a special collaboration with Goodwill Industries, St. Vincent DePaul and the Community Clothes Closet, when you donate on behalf of Christine Ann our clients are able to shop at their stores for the items they need. 

Receive Our Monthly Shelter and Program Needs Email

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Needs list updated as of March, 2017 

(Item's in BOLD are top needed items)

  • Grocery or Walmart gift cards Many clients do not qualify for financial assistance (on paper) yet because their abuser controlled the money they cannot afford to buy prescriptions or groceries. (Our families prepare and provide their own food which can sometimes be financially challenging)
  • Shelter Needs:  
    • Dishsoap/ Dishwasher soap 
    • Newborn-2T girls clothing 
    • Pack-N-Play sheets 
    • Board Books for toddlers
    • Lotion 
    • Body Wash  
    • Shaving cream and razors
    • Laundry Soap (liquid or powder)    
    • Deoderant 
    • OTC medications (ibuprofen/Tylenol , allergy, tums, cold, sinus)
    • Non-electronic toddler toys
    • Baby dolls
    • Cleaning supplies (glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, disinfecting wipes, pine sol, all purpose cleaner) 
    • Kleenex 
    • Fabric softener  
    • Brooms and dustpans 
    • Mops 
    • Child safety gates 
    • Baby monitors 
  • Food Supplies: 
    • Mac-N-Cheese 
    • Boxed Potatoes 
    • Cereal 
    • Rice 
    • Boxed meals (tuna helper, hamburger helper)   
    • Frozen meats 
    • Noodles
    • SpaghettiO's, Ravioli
    • Canned Fruit
    • Juice
    • Canned chicken and roast beef
    • Condiments (syrup, ketchup, ranch, mustard, mayo)
    • Canned soups 
    • Hot tea
  • Self Care Items:
    • Journals or decorative notebooks
    • Planners 
    • Art supplies
    • Stress balls, mini slinkies, fidget toys
    • Relaxation body lotions, sprays, washes
    • Relaxation sounds and cd's
    • Relaxation teas
    • New pajama sets (sizes XS-3XL)
    • Cold and flu medicine, ibuprofen, band-aids, Neosporin, ice packs 
  • Items for Clients Transitioning out of Shelter 
    • Dish sets 
    • Silverware 
    • Kitchen utensils 
    • Sheet sets (any size) 
    • Pots and pans 
    • Baking sheets 
    • Kitchen table and chairs 
    • End tables 
    • Lamps 
    • Rugs
    • Towels (hand, washcloth, bath towels)
    • Three/four drawer organizers 
    • Fabric cube cubbies 
    • Cube organizers 
    • Shower curtain 
    • Window curtains  
  • Electronic Items:
    • DVD and Blu-ray players and movies
    • HDMI cords 
    • Headphones 
    • Phone chargers (universal) 
    • TV's (flat screens only-can be used)  

Please contact us (920) 235-5998 to schedule a donation drop off or possible pick up of larger items.