The season of giving!

For many years, Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. has provided assistance to thousands of individuals during the holiday season. As we move forward , we are asking for your support over the holidays. We are expecting this to be one of our biggest years ever! If you would like to adopt a family, volunteer, or just purchase a few gifts, please email us at: and  let us know how you would like to help.

Your generosity is truly making a difference for a family in need this holiday season!

“I can’t begin to say how much your kindness and thoughtfulness means to me and my kids this Christmas. It is so heartwarming and hope giving to know there are people like you out there in this sometimes difficult world we live in, who take the time to give and bring joy to others having a not so happy event happening in their lives. May God Bless you for your kindness… My kids will have a very magical Christmas this year, because of you!”
~ Thank you from your adopted family.


Our Adopt-a-Family program is a self-sufficiency program for clients of Christine Ann who are currently accessing agency services. In most cases families cannot receive holiday assistance through the program for more than two years, as they build their resources and support system. Families usually consist of a single parent with children, but we do occasionally adopt single clients participating in our Shelter and Teen Programs.

  • We will try our best to accommodate your family size request.
  • We will provide you with a Wish List containing items that are needed and/or wished for by the family members
  • It is not required that you fulfill all of the family’s needs and wishes, but the list is intended to be used as a guide. We do ask that all gifts provided be new.
  • Due to safety and confidentiality concerns, gifts are delivered to another location to be picked up by the family at a later date.
  • For more information on Adopting-A-Family over the holidays, please ask for Holiday Program by phone (920) 235-5998 or by e-mail


Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. provides safe and secure emergency housing for families and individuals escaping violence in their homes. Our shelter was temporary  home to 260+ women and children last year. We rely on the generosity of our community members to supply the basic and ongoing needs for our agency. Please select the Adopt-The-Shelter option if you would like to donate items that help create a temporary home for those seeking shelter.

See the full list: Adopt-The-Shelter 2016!

Last-Minute Adoption

Every year families seek shelter and other assistance during the month of December, after the completion of the Adopt-a-Family Program.  We are in need of community members to adopt these families on short notice (usually within 5 days). Please consider being a part of this group of special adopters who are willing to help those in crisis during the holiday season.

Special Gifts

Are you interested in having a Giving Tree, organizing a Gift Drive, or otherwise helping with individual gifts for moms, children, and teens?  Our Special Gifts option provides gifts to assist in helping fill any shortages in our Adopt-A-Family program. We will provide you with a list of some general recommendations and gift ideas, or assist you with the perfect holiday drive idea to help meet the needs of our client families.

The Gift of Time

We are in tremendous need of your skills, talents, and strengths during the holiday season and throughout the years! Please consider giving the Gift of Time by volunteering.