If you suspect someone is being abused by their partner there are ways to help:



  • Become informed, abuse comes in many forms. It's not always physical violence but can be manipulation or controling behavior
  • Don't be afraid to show your concern. Sometimes just letting them know you are aware that something isn't right can open the door to a conversation.
  • Let them know Chrstine Ann is here to talk. They do not have to stay at our shelter to receive our services.
  • Acknowledge that the situation is very difficult and scary
  • Be supportive
  • Be non-judgmental
  • Focus on your friend/family member's strengths, most likely they are made to feel they have little selfworth
  • Encourage your friend/family member to do things with you and other friends and family, and to take part in other activities outside of the abusive relationship
  • If your friend/family member breaks up with the abuser, continue to be supportive
  • Help your friend/family member to develop a safety plan¬†
  • Encourage your friend/family member to talk to people who can give help and guidance such as a domestic abuse agency, etc.
  • Remember that you cannot "rescue" your friend or loved one
  • Give us a call! We are here to support you!